Adopting a Spanish Dog or should I say, being adopted by a Spanish dog

Adopting a Spanish dog or cat or both

Spanish Dogs
All say “Aaaah!” How cute is this little fella?


One thing more certain than death and taxes is the chance you may be adopted by a Spanish dog, cat or, both. There are plenty to go around. This wonderful little dog entered our lives one cold January night as I walked back up the track from the Cortijuelo restaurant.

He had been abandoned at about 8 weeks old. I initially thought it was a rat, it was very dark. The little fella followed me the kilometre up the track and into the house (with a little help from me). Steph was overjoyed when she saw him and gave him a big cuddle. She got bitten to buggery by his fleas!

The next day, I went back down to see if anyone did own him, but, luckily for him and us, nobody did. So, we had been adopted. We called him Pablito (Little Paul) and we had many wonderful years with him. Sadly, he passed on last year but we have the memories and the photographs.

Here is a post from 2016 that I found on another Blog I write

Adopting a Spanish dog

Summer is here, at last! May 2016 has been a strange month, sometimes warm, sometimes hot and other times raining in biblical proportions.

None of this bothers my dog Pabbi (Pablito) he went off after a rabbit in the campo (countryside) and went splashing through the last of the muddy water in a nearby stream and as you can see, he didn’t mind it at all.

Spanish dog sleeping on the bed
As soon as the new sheets go on, he goes on. He wasn’t daft that dog!

After a good scrubbing (not in his humble opinion!) he sussed out that it was linen change that day and decided he would test out the new sheets by having his siesta a little bit early. These Spanish hounds are a law unto themselves.

Never mind, summer is here and that means summer holidays and Villa Ana has guests arriving for a tennis break. The pool looks great and the whole area is green and lush after the recent rain. Happy days.

Like I say, happy memories.

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