Antequera Food Festival

Food Festival in Antequera

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It was a Saturday night my wife and I went to visit the Antequera Food Festival. This is a collection of food vans that are parked on the Paseo Royale, a long park in the centre, opposite the Bullring and Estepa Gate that the locals use for their nighttime walks and where the children can go and play.

Antequera food festival

Many food vans are rented by local food outlets and display part of their menu’s, you can stroll along the park and visit whichever style of food you like. Their was Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish and more still.

There is also live music on, tonight it was a four-piece band doing a mixture of modern pop and rock, they were very good and helped build an atmosphere.

Antequera Dolemens Mascot

We decide to settle for the Mexican Burritos and Tacos. They were made by a real Mexican, the guy was from Mexico City but has lived in Spain for the best part of ten years. For 5€ each, you could not beat the food for value or taste and it is well worth a visit.

We went back on the final night, Tuesday 19th. There was a great live blues band on to help the food go down.

Antequera is a wonderful place to visit. There are so many beautiful churches, castles, monasteries and of course the Antequera bullring and Estepa gate.

The horrible sight above is me with the Dolmens mascot. At the time, Antequera was chasing a World Heritage tag for the Dolmens (Ancient burial grounds)

The Dolmen of Menga is a megalithic burial mound called a tumulus, a long barrow form of the dolmen, dating from the 3750-3650 BCE approx. It is near Antequera, Málaga, Spain. One of the largest known ancient megalithic structures in Europe. They are well worth the visit.

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