Vivero Guzman the Best Garden Centre in Malaga

Alhaurín de la Torre Garden Center Viveres Guzman

Alhaurín de la Torre garden centre Guzman
Ooh! I say! Naughty statues all around Alhaurín de la Torre garden centre Guzman

Wednesday 6th of March and we are off to the garden centre at Alhaurín de la Torre, about 40 minutes drive, headed on the new cut to Malaga.

There are garden centres nearer to Trabuco, Rosario has a small garden centre as does Archidona.  And larger ones around Antequera. We were headed back to Vivero Guzman at Alhaurín de la Torre because they have a massive garden centre as well as a brilliant restaurant.

The menu del dia is more expensive than in Trabuco (9.50€ as opposed to 8€) but it is worth it.

Menu de dia Alhaurín de la Torre garden centre Guzman

At Guzman, there is a massive choice in plants, garden furniture, decorations and everything to do with home and garden.

Alhaurín de la Torre garden centre Guzman

There are some beautiful Love Birds and Budgies for sale as well. I bought some great Chilli plants.

Alhaurin itself is a very well kept place, manicured trees, new constructions and plenty of shops. There is a good size expatriate community as well. You are also a spit away from the Costa del Sol and Malaga airport.

About Alhaurin de la Torre

Alhaurin de la Torre is a town in the province of Malaga, Andalusia, in southern Spain. The town is part of Málaga Metropolitan Area and of the region of Valle del Guadalhorce. It sits at the entrance to the Guadalhorce valley on the slopes of the Sierra de Mijas mountains, some 17 km from Malaga.

If you are looking for properties for sale in Alhaurín de la Torre, get in touch with us and we would be happy to supply you with names of good agents in that area. Alhaurin de la Torre is very handy for all the coastal attractions and tourist sites.

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