Villanueva del Trabuco Name

Villanueva del Trabuco; The Blunderbuss

Trabuco is a weapon similar to a Blunderbuss thus the name Villanueva del Trabuco
A Trabuco is similar to a Blunderbuss thus the name Villanueva del Trabuco

Villanueva del Trabuco; its a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? There are many towns dotted around Andalucia with the prefix “Villanueva” and it simply means “new administration”. Trabuco used to be administered from nearby Archidona because Trabuco did not have its own town hall or parish council.

“Trabuco” is the name of a weapon much like a Blunderbuss or Elephant gun. In years gone by, legend has it that the locals were used as guides through the mountains which were home to bandits and robbers.

Although the locals do tend to still have guns, these are for the hunting season which is very popular.

About Trabuco

Although bereft of tourist attractions, there is a man-made waterfall not far from the village called “100 pipes” (see video at 2:36) also, Trabuco church is lovely and well worth the visit. There are a brand new medical centre and two chemists as well as three banks.

Plaza Mayor, the main square (only ours is a triangular shape) has bars and cafe’s and your not far from one of the best restaurants in Malaga.

There is a bus service from the plaza to Malaga. I’ve added a little promo video to the page. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Spanish, the video is to give you an idea of what the village looks like.

You can contact La Nava with any questions you have about Trabuco, we will be happy to answer them.

Plaza del Prado Fountain Villanueva del Trabuco
Plaza del Prado water Fountain Villanueva del Trabuco – A centrepiece of the village square

Villanueva del Trabuco is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain.

It is situated in the northeast of the province. Villanueva del Trabuco is located in the comarca of Nororma. The municipality is situated approximately 45 kilometres from the provincial capital of Málaga and 34 from Antequera.

It has a population of approximately 5,000 residents. The natives are called Trabuqueños. Local legend has it that the town is named after a type of early gun called a Trabuco, which was in common usage in the area many years ago. More on Wikipedia.

Modern-day Trabuco is a lovely, friendly village with the Plaza Mayor in the centre of village life. There are plenty of shops, supermarkets, butchers, bakers, indoor and outdoor markets to help you with your self-catering holidays.

The municipal pool is very popular and you can even get a meal there. Trabuco FC has a football pitch at the far end of the village and they are not a bad team to watch.

See more information on the village and rural properties in this area of Malaga.

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