A Place in the Sun in Malaga Spain

A Place in the Sun Malaga Spain – Sunny again

A place in the Sun Malaga Andalucia Spain
My own Place in the Sun: Looking from Los Ranos to Los Louises barrio.

A Place in the Sun: Is it a book, a film, a property and travel show, a song by Stevie Wonder or an aspiration for those living in the cold climates and want to retire to somewhere warm? It’s actually all of these things and more.

We use the term ‘a place in the sun’ as a metaphor for many things, such as ‘he’s found his place in the sun’  to refer to somebody who has found their perfect job. The term was first used as a phrase used to refer to Germany’s foreign policy (Weltpolitik) and colonial empire but nowadays, we generally use it when talking about foreign properties and vacations.

Spain is the first choice ‘place in the sun’ for people in the UK and Ireland and for good reasons. Depending on your location, you are guaranteed 300 days of sunshine per year. The further south you go the more like it is you are going to get a rain-free summer.

Does it rain in Malaga?

Of course, it rains in Malaga as well as the rest of Andalucia. The difference is; when it does rain, we are very thankful for it. Rain is welcome here, its great for the crops and the olives, we almost love the rain.

Temperatures in October typically fall as the month progresses. It does remain on the warm side. With an average daytime maximum temperature of 24°C and an average overnight minimum of 14°C. By the end of the month, average maxima of 21 or 22°C are typical.

In November temperatures usually fall as the month progresses but remain on the mild side, with a mean daytime maximum temperature of 20°C and an average overnight minimum of 11°C. December temperatures are nonetheless generally mild, with a mean daytime maximum temperature of 17°C and an average overnight minimum of 8°C.

How cold?

Frosts are very rare. Although ground frosts are sometimes encountered in the more rural spots, particularly away from the Mediterranean coastal strip.

January is typically the coldest month of the year in Malaga. Although December and February are only about a degree warmer on average.
The temperature typically rises to a daytime high of 17°C and falls to 7°C overnight.
By the time we get to May things start to change fast. Temperatures usually rise significantly in Malaga as May progresses. For the month as a whole, there is an average daytime maximum temperature of 24°C and an average overnight minimum of 13°C. But by the end of the month, average maximum temperatures of 25 or 26°C are typical.
From then on, more or less up to the end of September, you won’t see much rain, if any.
The weather differs from area to area in the Malaga region. This is due to the fact we have areas of high altitude, such as here around the Villanueva del Trabuco area. We are 666m above sea level, head east to Granada and you are into the ski slopes. Head south and you are on the Costa del Sol. So, the weather does vary and you need to take that into account when you think about buying a Malaga property.
Here, around the Trabuco, Rosario, Salinas and Archidona area, we have lots of sunny days since the end on November with beautiful clear skies. As I type (06/02/19) its 16ºC in the shade with crystal clear skies.
There is a weather forecast on our Blog, you can check the local weather whenever you feel like. If there is anything you would like to know about our area, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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