Pueblos Blancos of Malaga

Pueblo Blanco Trabuco

Villanueva del Trabuco is a very pretty village. The Plaza del Prado is the main focal point for the whole community. Trabuco is a typical pueblo blanco but also has a more modern side to it.

A ‘Pueblo Blanco‘ means a white town or village and has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the inhabitants and more to do with the white painted houses that help reflect the heat of the sun. The term “pueblo” comes from the Latin word ‘populus’ meaning people.

In years gone by, the whole of the town would have been painted white, with few exceptions but in the more modern era, some houses are painted different colours.

The Plaza del Prado or town square is actually triangular shaped with roads leading into and out of the village. In the very centre are a large water fountain and garden area with seats from where you can enjoy the views.

The Ayuntamiento dominates the Plaza, this is the town hall, the main place of administration. Part of the town hall is home to the local police station.

There are three main banks, five bar/restaurants, the Post Office as well as shops and offices in the plaza. Within a few yards, you will find the pharmacist, dentist and new medical centre. There is also an indoor market which will be shut down in a few weeks and the new market opened close by.

Other places in Trabuco

On Wednesday, there is an open market along the Paseo San Isidro from 10 am until 2 pm where you can buy anything from fresh fruit and veg, flowers and plants, clothes, kitchenware, household goods and many other things.

The Co-Operativo (Co-Op to you and me) has an office in the plaza, this is great for opening an account which gets you cheaper diesel as well as a host of other household and agricultural items at a discount price.

The village has several carpenters, ironworks, garages, stone masons, builders, plumbers and every other trade besides. If you need it, you can find it in the village somewhere.

Rio Guadalhorce

The Rio Guadalhorce runs through the village dividing it between the traditional and the modern. The Plaza del Prado is in the older section but is in itself a modern looking plaza.

As far as tourist attractions go, I’m sorry, there very little to see. The local church is the most prominent feature, it is very pretty, along with a couple of Ermita (Small buildings housing statues of saints) but the mountains make up for any lack of historical builds as they are a giant backdrop that change with the seasons.

Trabuco is a working town but pretty nonetheless.

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List of Monuments

Ermita de la  Virgen del Pilar (chapel)
Ermita de la Virgen del Puente (chapel)
Iglesia de Ntra Sra de los Dolores (Church of Our Lady of Sorrows)
Ermita de San Antonio (chapel)
Fuente de los Cien CañosErmita de San Isidro Labrador (chapel)
Ermita de San Juan y de la Virgen del Carmen (chapel)
Fuente de los Cien Caños
Los Caz
Guadalhorce River
Path Mountains of San Jorge

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