Saturday Morning Nothing but Sunshine

Winter Sun in Malaga

Malaga houses for sale Saturday morning nothing but sunshinePeople move abroad for many different reasons. Some to retire, others to work but most people move for a better climate in which to live.

Malaga has a wonderful climate and, due to the aspect of the varying landforms, the climate can vary from place to place. One thing is for sure, it shines on the just and the unjust in equal measures, or so the parable goes.

Our location, almost 700 m above sea level. We get hot, dry summers and winters that can vary from year to year. This winter, for instance, from the end of November 2018 to the middle of January 2019. We have had very little rain but bright sunshine and clear night skies.

As I write, I am sat in the shade of my verandah and its 17ºC and bright sunshine.

Great location, great weather

The weather is very important to our area, the crops and olives need the rain to produce their best harvests, so, unlike places such as the UK, when it does rain, everyone is pretty much happy about it.

Sometimes, we even get a bit of snow, as you might expect from an elevated area like ours. But, forget your skis, it only hangs about for a day, two at the most. Although, if you would like to ski, you can get on the A-92 and go to the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is a little more than an hours drive away.

If you are interested in the local weather around Trabuco, Rosario, Salinas and Archidona, just check out our weather widget at the top of the page. As for me, I’ve got a glass of vino ready and a seat in the shade. Why waste a day like this?

Update 8/3/19

We have had beautiful weather with just a slight drop of rain. Happy days!

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