Villanueva del Trabuco

Villanueva del Trabuco; the name can be a bit of a mouthful, so we just call it ‘Trabuco’. The name ‘Trabuco’ means ‘Blunderbuss’, a weapon used in historical times by the people of the area who used to guide people through the mountains which were notorious for bandits.

The prefix ‘Villanueva’ means the town has become autonomous and has its own town council and town hall. Literally, ‘the new administration of the Blunderbuss’.  You will find many places with the prefix ‘Villanueva’, such as close by Villanueva del Rosario’. Abbreviated to Vva.Del Trabuco and so on.

Trabuco is a lovely village, the town hall, Post Office and banks, as well as some bars and restaurants can be found in the main village square of Plaza del Prado. There are many great restaurants in and around the area so there is no shortage of places to eat.

Blunderbuss; Villanueva del Trabuco
The Blunderbuss (Trabuco) was the weapon of choice for the local guides.

The village health centre is excellent; there are two pharmacies, and a good school. Trabuco is divided by the Rio Guadahorce; on one side are the new, modern buildings, on the other, the much older, traditional Andalucia houses and buildings.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, two markets, one outdoors on Wednesdays and an indoor market, this is to be moved to the main car park where a brand new indoor market is due to be finished by April 2019.

The town has plenty of tradesmen and builders yards and supplies. Although lacking in anything of great interest to the tourist, there is a beautiful church and fountains. The main attraction of Trabuco is the magnificent mountains, beautiful countryside, friendly village and a location to die for.

Ideal for hill walking, mountain bikes, bird watching, photography and we even have a small airfield for paragliding and model airplanes and drone shows.

The local people are mostly farm workers and construction tradesmen. Trabuco has a brand new olive oil refinery to cope with the great demands of the olive harvest.

Very little English is spoken in and around the village but there are plenty of language classes available.

The town has several fairs and fiestas during the year, from Day of the Kings in January, to the 5 day long annual fiesta in September. In between you have Semmana Santa (Holy week or Easter week), the feasts of San Marco and San Isidero and a few fairs in between. We even have a travelling Circus that stops outside the village.

There is an ex-pat community of British and Europeans in and around the village and some of these people organise clubs, trips out and other events.

All in all, you would go a long way to find a village and area as nice and friendly as Villanueva del Trabuco, it is a pleasure to live here, as, hopefully, you will find out for yourselves.

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