Andalucia Countryside Walks

Andalucia Countryside Walks

Goats in malaga countryside walks

Walking in the beautiful Andalucia countryside is great for your health and fitness but it also comes with many surprises.

Take this week for instance; my wife and I were taking our evening stroll with the dog when we heard a noise coming from the stream. And, on closer inspection, we found a young goat. She had got separated from the heard and was stuck in the dried up stream bed, The sides were too steep for it to climb out.

Without further ado, I got down and managed to get the poor creature out and back onto the road.

The goat then followed us back home. We kept it in the front patio area whilst we tried to find out who owned her. We suspected it might be Miguel, the guy who had a large flock quite close to where we live but there are at least three other herds, so we asked around.

Meanwhile, Gwendoline, as we named her, set about eating my roses and border plants, along with some items of clothing that were out drying.

We managed to locate Miguel and handed back his hungry goat.

This morning I came across a beautiful Eagle who was hunting near to the house. Our fields have been cut so there are plenty of little critters running about, foraging for the spilt wheat and such like.

It’s not uncommon to see eagles around here nor other great birds. There are Azure-winged Magpies, Hoopoe birds, Hawks, Flamingos and Cranes. It’s a great place for birdwatchers.

Walking in the area around Los Ranos, where I live, is both beautiful and enjoyable. There is always something to see if it is not the animals, it’s the natural beauty of the place. We hope you pass this way and see for yourself.

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