Walking in Malaga Sunshine its another loveley day

Another day in the Malaga sunshine

The sun is shining and its a warm Monday in the Malaga area of Andalucia. It’s a great day to go out for a meal at one of the local restaurants. There are plenty to choose from around Villanueva Del Trabuco and they all have their own special dishes, tapas and drinks.

Close to Los Ranos you have El Cortijuelo, two fantastic restaurants that dish out some of the best and varied tapas in Malaga province, they also do a great Sunday lunch but you need to get there before 1 pm otherwise, finding a seat can be a problem.

The village has several great places to eat, this includes the Pizzeria in the Plaza Mayor or main square. There is a great Italian menu but other world foods are also included. They also deliver.

Lovely Malaga weather

The weather at the moment makes for great days out walking in the campo. It’s warm with a gentle breeze. The views of the fields, hills and mountains are beautiful. You’ll also see the olives being harvested, this occurs between November and March, depending on the weather and size of the harvest.

During the summer, the countryside is awash with activity. Not least for the goat herder and his amazing dogs, they guide the goats around the great fields where the harvest has been collected. And they now crop the stubble and produce a lot of small black droppings that are an excellent fertilizer.

The goats are often out from dusk until dawn. They make sure they get as much of the food available as possible.

Tractors are also busy moving giant bales of hay. Then ploughing fields and bringing in the fruit harvest, there is never a dull moment.

With so much to see, a walk in the countryside during the cooler hours can be a very rewarding experience.

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